Review: Stardock Start11

First Impressions

Posted 10th April 2022

Start11 enchances the Win10 and Win11 taskbar. It brings features from each to the other. For example, Win10 can now have a centred taskbar and Win11 can position the taskbar away from the foot of the screen.

I find the Win10 bar a bit ugly so just hid it. With a custom start button and a background texture, I have it back on screen all the time now. Getting it just right involves Start11's setting plus the existing Windows control panel. I feel it improves my workflow.

I have not run it on Win11 so can't comment on that. A just £/$ 5.99 it is very reasonable little customisation. 30 day free trial is fairly generous if you want to try it out. Good little app.

Screenshot of start11 taskbar at top of screen with Calc application running.

Long Term View

Been using this a while now and I don't think I can live without it! I paid for it very quickly and prefer having the Start menu at the top of the screen. Stardock continue to push out good updates for it. It's a great price and worth it on Win10 and Win11.

Posted 15th May 2022