Nano Log

Fri 28 May 07:52:59 BST 2021

Have been working on making my Python curses app behave a bit better when resized. Not perfect but more responsive.

Thu 27 May 07:33:39 BST 2021

Having lots of fun this week with pyradio and tuning into stations across the world. Much audio variety!

Wed 26 May 08:17:23 BST 2021

Have two flash fiction stories almost good to go. Final tweaks tonight or tomorrow. Perfectionism was the enemey of completion as usual.

Fri 21 May 07:47:01 BST 2021

So I switched out marco for i3 (tiling window manager). I've memorised just enough keyboard shortcuts to get started. So far really enjoying it. Decided to give it a whirl when I released I was just using my workspaces/windows in a similar pattern to YouTubers I watch who run various TWMs.

Wed 19 May 07:58:04 BST 2021

I like my Pi 400. It is a nice thing. But struggling to find a good use for it so may just sell.

Tue 18 May 07:34:38 BST 2021

Couple of flash fiction stories on the go. Both solid setups but need to get the endings figured out. Currently just situations rather than dramas. Fun puzzling it out though.

Mon 17 May 17:23:16 BST 2021

...and I'm back. Some side-effects from the jab. Don't let it put you off!

Sat 15 May 16:52:27 BST 2021

First vaccination today. Also a big cycle to nearby town and a good session in the garden. Lovely sunshine too!

Fri 14 May 07:46:05 BST 2021

In an odd turn of events, I am pondering writing a C++ program. I may flip back to Python or JS if I can get over the dependencies issue. More to do with writing something Linux native than language choice.

Thu 13 May 08:20:11 BST 2021

I was using a different device with my morning coffee today. This meant I didn't play Mahjongg. I found I really missed it. Not just the fun. It helps me wake up now.

Wed 12 May 07:23:49 BST 2021

Starting the day with heavy rain.

Tue 11 May 07:51:29 BST 2021

Trying out Lagrange to browse Gemini sites and toying with moving this to a capsule.

Mon 10 May 07:35:50 BST 2021

Yesterday's bike ride was good. Managed a tricky hill then had a clear run on a downhill stretch over an old high scenic rail bridge.

Sun 9 May 07:20:06 BST 2021

Down on the beach this morning watching a paddle boarder and a canoeist. Looks like a good day.

Sat 8 May 08:43:24 BST 2021

Hello Ubuntu Mate. Things are looking snappier.

Fri 7 May 07:29:51 BST 2021

May add a page on here about sleep. Have a Python page that is almost good to go.

Thu 6 May 07:28:34 BST 2021

This month's weather looks rather wet. Great for the garden. Not so much for getting out and about.

Wed 5 May 07:14:33 BST 2021

It occurs to me that I update this log almost exclusively in the mornings. I wonder if evening thoughts would be dramatically different.

Tue 4 May 07:59:27 BST 2021

Need to redo my Ubuntu Mate USB - something to do with Grub but it is fixed with the latest Rufus.

Mon 3 May 07:14:56 BST 2021

Planning a distro-hop (well just a DE change) to Ubuntu Mate sometime this week.

Sun 2 May 08:15:00 BST 2021

Working on expanding the content on this site. Copy/Paste is much more natural than some overblown CMS. I like the simplicity.

Sat 1 May 07:09:31 BST 2021

Hello to another month. Really enjoying the micro editor, already on my must install list. Also recently rediscovered git-cola.

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