Nano Log

Tue 29 Jun 07:57:21 BST 2021

I need a commute again. It gives me a regular reading slot.

Fri 25 Jun 07:53:43 BST 2021

Have my own established websites is making me possesive over posting content on other sites even good Fediverse places.

Thu 24 Jun 08:00:55 BST 2021

Just had an idea for a file tool. Maybe reinventing the wheel but would be a good bash exercise.

Wed 23 Jun 07:49:25 BST 2021

Not been posting on Mastodon much. TBH happier working on my own websites.

Sun 20 Jun 08:16:08 BST 2021

Pumpkin seedlings growing well. Exciting times.

Thu 17 Jun 07:57:01 BST 2021

Text adventure parser project continues. Demo game is growing bigger than the package. May need to rethink.

Wed 16 Jun 07:57:53 BST 2021

Tempted just to play GBA games forevermore. Advantages are cost and they will play on any hardware. OTOH I like big 3d worlds.

Tue 15 Jun 07:42:36 BST 2021

The tide was in on the beach this morning and the water calm. Looked for dolphins.

Fri 11 Jun 13:26:14 BST 2021

Good week for weather this week though sometime windy. Gardening and cycling filling up time. Fun.

Mon 7 Jun 08:07:14 BST 2021

Started a verb and noun adventure game type parser in Python. A fun frivilous project but trying to do it properly with unit tests etc.

Sun 6 Jun 09:04:24 BST 2021

Sunshine - went out and watered new hedge and sunflowers. Summer is so sweet right now.

Wed 2 Jun 07:24:20 BST 2021

Fixed an issue with the nano log archive file name. Wrong month! These thing happen when things are crafted by hand I guess.

Tue 1 Jun 07:26:31 BST 2021

Wonderful sunny morning - feels like summer proper at last!

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