Nano Log

Fri 30 Apr 07:43:29 BST 2021

A day off. With the current restrictions, taking big blocks of leave makes little sense. Lots of 4 day weeks sounds very appealing though!

Thu 29 Apr 07:57:05 BST 2021

Fun to create content with the main intention to help rather than gather hits. May archive this nano log on a monthly basis to keep the file size down.

Wed 28 Apr 08:00:33 BST 2021

Appreciating the sun this morning.

Tue 27 Apr 19:58:46 BST 2021

After binge watching many TV series, I watched a 90 minute movie. It all seemed rather rushed and a bit shallow.

Sat 24 Apr 07:51:46 BST 2021

Have been updating my earthquake app (Python curses). Now resizes and displays more information.

Fri 23 Apr 08:23:05 BST 2021

A little game of Mah Jong after the morning dog walk seems like a good routine. Slow computer games are probably the best.

Thu 22 Apr 07:32:34 BST 2021

Installed and played a chess game this morning for something different. Lowest difficulty but a victory! Card, dice and Mah Jong games are really appealing to me of late.

Wed 21 Apr 07:34:01 BST 2021

Tempting to check on my outdoor seeds every morning. I will try and leave to Friday at least.

Mon 19 Apr 07:37:27 BST 2021

Spent some time at the weekend playing older racing games. Outrun 2006 looks amazing for a PSP game. Ridge Racer is always worth revisiting.

Sat 17 Apr 07:21:42 BST 2021

Bit of an asthma attack last night. Makes me think I should spend more time on breathing exercises.

Thu 15 Apr 17:52:59 BST 2021

It is very liberating to be able to have a homepage on the internet and not care about Likes/Shares/Engagement etc. Enjoying a lot of Gemini content too. I need to build up some bookmarks and browse around a bit more.

Tue 13 Apr 07:48:52 BST 2021

Frosty day but the sun was warm at the beach. There was a yellow toy car there. Wish I had picked it up now.

Sun 11 Apr 16:05:06 BST 2021

Planted a foragers hedge last year (probably a little late into the spring), rewarding to see it get off to a good start this year. Hopefully much more bushy by the summer!.

Fri 9 Apr 08:14:19 BST 2021

Have an idea for some game content for this site. Should be 'lite' on production effort and a bit different too.

Wed 7 Apr 13:16:32 BST 2021

Trying a new date format for this log. Xclip is not working for me so it is a manual copy paste. Hang on I am on Wayland now so it probably will never work again! A few searches has revealed wl-clipboard might work as a replacement.

Wednesday 7th April 2021

Another cold morning but better than yesterday. The sun was popping over a big cloud on the horizon. Many sunrises are the reward of the early riser!

Tuesday 6th April 2021

Given this site a much needed rejig and added a new page on this site for a nano blog. Not quite ready for a Gemini pod yet! Keeping a very close eye on it.