Hotdogs to Megahertz

Rediscovering My Favourite Band Prefab Sprout

Three dancers dressed in hotdog outfits dancing by a swimming pool. That was my introduction to Prefab Sprout back in 1988(?) thanks to staple of Saturday morning television ‘The Chart Show’. The song ‘The King of Rock and Roll’ turned out to be their biggest hit and I listened to them well into the 1990s until I largely stopped listening to music.

Streaming music in recent years has largely got into it and I revisited some of my favourite Sprout tunes. Some sound just as fresh as ever and revisiting some of the more cerebral material decades on has made me appreciate the depth of these albums. Spending some time on YouTube, I’ve found a few people are discovering the Sprouts – particularly the albums ‘Jordan: The Comeback’ and ‘Steve McQueen’.

Best of all, there were four entire albums that I hadn’t heard yet. I took my time over a few weeks to enjoy each one. The latest was 9 years ago but I am optimistic it won’t be the last Sprout record. Paddy McAloon is a prolific writer (and the band is pretty much a one-man band now) but records are rare due to other projects and life challenges.

If you haven’t heard of them, I’d recommend the singles collection ‘Life of Surprises’ as a taster then working your way through the albums. Special mention to the experimental ‘I Trawl the Megahertz’ which is so unique and breaks away from the song structure. I have seen it described as 'classical ambient'. This article from 2022 gives a description of each album in order and brings it right up to date with a teasing hint of the next one.

I am delighted to still be enjoying the first 7-inch record I bought. I like Sprouts. Eat your greens.

Posted 3rd July 2022