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Currently Reading: Magnificent Obsession by David Robertson

A Passion For Holiness by J. I. Packer

I have read a few books by J.I.P. now. The shorter ones get straight into it and are quite intense. I have been left feeling pistol whipped at times!

Thankfully this one slows down and takes it time whilst still being challenging. It explore what it is to be a follower of a Jesus in a world increasingly going the opposite direction.

I wish I had read it over a couple of weeks rather than over months as I felt I lost the thread a bit. I am going to hold onto this and read it again. Definitely going to take notes and read it faster!

Concise Theology by J. I. Packer

I have read a few J.I. Packer books lately but this one is a little different. Though you can read it cover to cover, it is more of a reference work on 94 key doctrines packed with scripture references. I read it in short bursts as an ebook.

Not the best introduction to Packer, but well worth picking up if you have enjoyed his other writings and want a systematic view. Definitely considering getting a paper copy for quick reference.

Posted July 2021