About Casterbridge

Welcome to my homepage which is my latest hobby project. Trying out some brutal web design created with minimal HTML, CSS and tools. Constantly under construction of course!

Who are you?

I am aiming for the content of this site to be my 'profile' as personal homepage used to. However a summary is always useful. I am a software developer with an interest in the web. Other interests include veganism, outdoors, books, writing, spirituality, retro computers, a little gaming and gardening.

I hang out on Mastodon as daftspaniel or you can send an email. Please say hello if you have been here - a quick note will do. I don't have any tracking enabled but it is good to know that someone is visiting! The site also has a simple RSS Feed.

Why is this website so basic?

Click here to find out why it is a deliberate and good thing. TLDR - better content, speed and security.

Why is the site called Casterbridge?

It’s a reference to the Thomas Hardy novel The Mayor of Casterbridge. The book was one of his Wessex novels, set in rural England, capturing a simpler time before industrialisation. It is an exercise for the reader to draw some parallels with the state of the web.

Oh, I find it a pleasing word and the domain name was available too. That's enough reason right?