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Thanks for dropping by my little homepage on the internet! Please say hello if you have been here - a quick note will do. I don't have any tracking enabled but it is good to know that someone is visiting!

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Log and Blog

A simple micro blog updated frequently (near daily).
More about me and this site.

Book reviews and Writing

Thoughts on recent print and audio books. Mostly fiction
Thoughts on recent spiritual reads.
Over on my writing homepage, flash fiction (very short stories).

Tech Content

I wanted a better Windows taskbar so tried Start11.
My thoughts on upgrading from a Kindle 7th Gen to 10th Gen.
A collection of well commented small apps for learning or customisation.
Thoughts on using WSL2 (Windows) for my Linux needs.


Rediscovering My Favourite Band Prefab Sprout.


Many links to websites shared on social media are not even read by the people posting them. As a reaction to that, this is a list of sites that have proven to be useful over a prolonged period of time.

Huge library of community created free audio books.
Small programs and algorithms each with versions in multiple languages.
Great site with lots of realtime earthquake data and maps.
Vintage worldwide radio podcasts - my favourites are thrillers, sci-fi and strange tales.
Long running podcast and blog for supernatural stories.
For computers old and new, an ASCII table is a handy resource.
Handy site when you need more than ASCII.